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Anonymous asked:

Would you ever be willing to put a female on orgasm denial for a few months with edging? I need someone like that 😑

I would love to do that… not to deny you completely but to tease your flesh and make your pussy burn and clit swell so you feel the wetness inside you when you walk the street.

16 sweet girls already teased to the edge by each other are waiting for the second stage of the game. The rules are simple. The first girl is asked if she agrees to be put in chastity belt for one hour. If she agrees, the next girl is asked if she would endure a chastity belt twice as long. The third girl can double this amount again and the game goes on and on, doubling the length of time with every girl. The current amount of time is secret, the girls have to calculate if for themselves. If one girl declines the offer, the girl before her wins the game and a price money of 1.000 Dollars. All the other girls will be locked in a secure chastity belt for the time they agreed to.

When girl number 15 finally decided that she can not stay in a chastity belt that long, girl number 14 was declared the happy winner: Only then did girl number 13 realize, that she agreed to stay in chastity for over 170 days. A single tear escaped her eyes when the cold metal closed around her aroused flesh…

This is working better than expected. I never believed that you can predict an orgasm from the twitching of a girl nipples, but it really works. The speed of the sybian is directly controlled by the size of her nipples and the frequency of their twitching. The larger and faster they are, the slower the sybian will do his magic. After several days of finetuning it is almost perfect. She is riding for almost 4 hours now, but whatever she tries she cannot get over the edge. Her moaning and begging for a break gets annoying, I will leave her for a while and eat dinner. See you later sweety…

Welcome to the bootcamp for our sultan. Every girl dreaming of a life full of wealth and luxury arrives here sooner or later. Getting into the harem of our sultan is a desire almost every girl has, but only few have what it takes. To become a slut of our sultan, you must prove yourself worthy in the bootcamp of his temple.

Take a good look at her, she is our best trainee so far. Today she managed to ride the sybian on HIGH for over 10 minutes without cumming. This is not her personal record, she can do better a few days after she was allowed to cum. Nevertheless, this was the first time a girl broke the 10 minutes barrier after 5 months of denial. If she manages to survive the same time after 12 month, she is granted access to the chambers of our sultan. After her training is finished, she must never cum again. She isn’t even allowed to have an orgasm after she finishes her 12 months of denial. THis is all on purpose. Our sultan likes his sluts horny. If any of them should fail, they will be banned from the temple forever! Such accidents happen from time to time - but new sluts are arriving daily at our door…

How would I deny your pussy?

Do you want to know how I would torment your pussy with pleasure?

I would let you strip for me so I would have the freedom of look and feel of your body. I would blindfold your eyes and maybe I would get naked or maybe not, depends on how I would feel.

I would tell you to lay on your back and spread your legs wide. I would not tie you up. I would simply order you that you can’t move away from. I would let your hands do anything they want except touching your pussy and touching me.

You would be on your back and blind and I would start feeling you. I would explore your body and enjoy how it shows me your horniness in response to my every touch.

I could see your glistening spread pussy folds. And I love the juices, I love pussy and I cant get enough of eating it. And that is what this is about. It is about me exploring and enjoying your pussy without you being allowed a single orgasm but made denied and kept horny so you produce as much of that honey for me as you are physically able to.

There would be no talk of your possible punishment for orgasm because there would be none. I told you not to cum and you wont and thats it.

And I would play with you and I would enjoy it. And you in your blindness would feel every stroke of my tongue meeting your horny clit or pushing deep to catch as much of juice as possible.

My fingers would not stake calm as well… they would touch and feel and grab whatever they want. No mater if that’s one of your wonderful breasts or pushing deep inside you as my tongue flicks over your pleasure button.

I would go slow and I would go fast and I would go something in between. You would not be even allowed to plead for an orgasm. I expect you to just take it and let me enjoy your temple without you bothering me. Moaning is about the only thing you are allowed to do to express yourself to me.

And I dont know how long it would take me and so you dont know how long you will have to take it. You just have to be there on your back feeling so close to orgasm, so wet and so horny but not knowing if I will finish in five minutes or in another hour.

And once I am feeling satisfied I will put you trough your final test.

Now its my time to be on my back and so I take of your blindfold and tell you do start riding me on top.

You know that I am big and you can image what that size will feel inside you finally filling that horny void. You know what it is like to feel it rub inside you as you fuck me in this state and what it does when you stroke your engorged clit against my body as you push against me.

It is your choice how you fuck me you just have to make me cum and not cum yourself. Your clit will want to be rubbed against my skin every move you make and you know you cant let it or you wont be able to resist orgasm. And I would grab you by your boobs and push you closer so you are looking into my eyes as you fuck me and feel my body against yours.

What it will be like when I finally cum inside you and you will feel the strong throbbing of my cock deep inside you? Could you every be any stronger to your own orgasm then at that moment? Feeling my own pleasure running through me, feeling your tortured skin against my skin looking into my eyes.

No cumming for you. Just lay down and press your head against my chest so I can hug you. It is time to sleep.

Contact me on if you like my fantasies :)

Oh my god, this is the most evil device ever invented! It keeps me on the edge the whole time and I cannot do a thing to stop it. I configured it to open the cuffs and turn off the stimulation after 30 minutes. I never though that 30 minutes can be that long!

Please, stop it! It feels like I have been handing there for at least an hour. If only I had a backup key. *struggles*

Calm down. I can do this…

Only a few minutes and it MUST be over! I can stand this. I… I… STOP IT !!!!!

I have to be honest, I admire your bravery. Seeing your boyfriend only one weekend each month must be hard, but abstaining from any orgasms in the meantime requires a lot of strength and willpower. Wouldn’t it be tempting to reach down from time to time and give yourself a little pleasure?

It’s obvious the month is almost over from your reactions to my touch. Oh really? He is visiting tomorrow and stays for the weekend? I guess someone is looking forward to some serous orgasms *smile*.

Your checkup results are great as always. We are almost finished, I just want to apply this skin care cream to your clit…

"No-Ohhh" for advanced stimulation - Apply a single drop to the clitoris to increase sensitivity up to 72 hours. Side effect: Inability to reach orgasm during this period is normal and expected. Warning: once applied the effect cannot be removed through any means.

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