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krone6 asked:

Your blog is amazing. It's everything I love in a tease blog and more. Now if only I could be a girl in real life and in some of those situations :(

I am happy that you like it and I love you for sharing that with me :) If you have some ideas or fantasies that you would like to share I might use them in here in the future :)


Anonymous asked:

I'm a female submissive who does daily clit pumping, clit slapping and edging, with my record being 1,050 edges in one sitting and 3 months without orgasm. I love denial and am wondering if you think I should give up orgasms altogether? It feels better when I'm a horny, needy slut.

Those are impressive records, congratulations. I know how you love the warm feeling of being horny, how the pleasure of teased flesh radiates from your center to the rest of your body. How the need liberates your mind from other thoughts, gives you a purpose and give you the power to free the slut in you that just wants to get crazy.

Surprisingly my answer is no, I would never make a sub to give up her orgasms completely. Hope is important as well as knowing that you have an option to make yourself cum when you are edging yourself but you still don’t and just continue the sweet torture. By giving up orgasms completly you would deprive yourself of that.

Angels and Devils - fantasy porn story - part 01

Anjelice was naked. Her athletic body with angelic face framed by long dark hair was left without a single piece of clothing except of some metal collar around her neck. She tried to feel it. It was tight and had some engravings on its surface. She hoped there was no magic blocking demon inside.

“My head, it’s like I was hit by a hammer. Where am I?”

There was a wet and cold stony room around her with nothing but a pile of straw in a corner and there were chains hanging on the wall. The door into her cell was heavy but only wooden. It was dark with no windows but her powers allowed her to see anyway.

Abruptly the heavy door opened and three figures in black cloaks entered. She looked at them. They all had metal masks on their faces and her trained eyes caught outlines of hidden weapons. She jumped and aimed her fingers at them. She tried to unleash her power but nothing was happening.

The figures approached her with few steps of menace and one of them hit her with a fist to her ribs. She suddenly was out of air when another strike came to her face and she went to the floor. She spat blood. No mere human should be able to strike her so hard. Which meant that she was out of luck.

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Her world was melting. Tripping on LSD, her desperation intensified by the torrent of images and feelings the drug was forcing on her. He took her to the edge again. She screamed and struggled against her shackles.

Her boyfriend is a drug dealer. He used to love her - Until she tried to sell him out to the cops. They both “disappeared” that week.

Since then, her boyfriend has been using his personal stash as chemical warfare against her mind and body. Methamphetamines to increase her sense of fear. LSD and 2CB to intensify her sexual drives, her desperation to cum.

But most of all he used his voice. He described in detail how he was going to torture her - To keep her on the edge, to make her beg for forgiveness. He followed through every time.

Time to turn it up. He drops another drop of LSD on her lips and turns on the vibrator on high.

Oh, I’m gonna cum!!! Don’t you dare! But your strap-on is hitting my G-spot just right. I know - it’s meant to. Ooh, I don’t think I can hold back. You’d better - or I’ll tell the dean about your little grade changing scam. No, anything but that! Then keep fucking me hard, whore! Ooh, it’s just been so long, I’m gonna explode! You know the rules, bitch: you only get one ruined orgasm on your birthday, and one at Christmas; otherwise, I rat you out! Be glad you get anything. But I haven’t had a real one in months! I know! And my birthday’s not until September! I know! And it’s only Spring break!!! Hahaha, Oh believe me, I know - and you’ve only begun to suffer - Now, put your back into it, you’re slacking off. And just for bitchin’, I’ll enjoy even more orgasms tonight at your expense!!! NOW GRIND!!!!

Heather could feel juices running down between the ample cheeks of her ass over her small puckered bud.

How long had it been now? days? It felt like weeks! Every few hours the 3 girls would enter the room and tease her swollen aching sex over and over, taunting her in mock voices,

"Awww does baby want to cum? poor wet dirty girl!"

And each time they would leave her swollen, desperate, seeping her juices!

If only she hadn’t taunted them in school!

After the first month of forced teasing and denial, the girls in the correction clinic enter level 2. They are no longer teased and denied by force but must do this to themselves. This here is Barbara after her daily one hour orgasmless morning tease session. The denial officers are satisfied with today’s result. Soaking wet panties and no orgasm - if she can endure this one more month, she will be ready for level 3, where she might be allowed to earn an orgasm once if she is really lucky…

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